This page is a partial index of some of the series posts on this blog.

Zambia MissionTrip

Teaching in Zambia

In June of 2010, Bridget and I were in Zambia for a month doing mission work with Zambia Mission and teaching in the Mapepe Bible College. I blogged a lot of my experiences – before, during, and after. They cover everything from experiencing snakes and baboons, to interacting with locals in villages, to general reflections.  There’s even an astronomy lesson in there. Some of these posts might help give you some perspective if you’re considering a short-term mission trip. Or if you just want to know what happened to us – a defining experience for the both of us, which we’re glad to be able to share. Click here, and enjoy!

Updates from Donnie & Bridget
Over the past couple of years, Bridget and I have used this blog as a means of keeping in touch with family and friends all over the world.  If you’d like to see a chronological account of what we’ve been up to, click here to read through our updates going back to the middle of 2009.

More coming soon, including:

Thoughts on Spiritual Decision Making
Normally I Don’t Do This
Something Ezra Asked Me (SEAM)
Why I Believe In The Resurrection of Jesus Christ


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