An Ever-Present Danger

There is a danger that threatens always to imperil the Christian faith.  It is the danger that comes from syncretism. Syncretism is that attitude toward religion which holds that no one religion can be said to possess or to offer the whole truth, and that the way to a world religion is to take the best from all religions and to mold it all into a new religion that is an amalgam of all existing religions. The idea is that the message of Christ Jesus has to be filled out by material from other sources. On this point Paul is uncompromising. There is no one who can add anything to Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ there came to men the full and final and perfect revelation of God, and we need nothing more.

—  William Barclay,  The All-Sufficient Christ

In him lie hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

— Paul,  Colossians 2:3


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