Some Perspective on “Doing Big Things” For God

In my home there’s a nook.  In the nook is a desk, next to the desk is a shelf, and on the shelf is a book – the highly recommended The God of the Towel by Jim McGuiggan.  As I sit at the desk, contemplating my life of ministry, my work at Montwood, and tomorrow’s Bible class – and the tremendous impact that I want to have in all of them – the following words leap off the page at me:

In the will of God some are to make the headlines; in the good pleasure of God some are to be advanced into the limelight, but we need to see the glory in the ordinary.  It isn’t for us to “make a name for ourselves” when of him it is said, “he made himself of no reputation.” God told Baruch (Jeremiah 45:5): “Seekest thou great things for thyself? Seek them not.”

In doing things for God, there’s always the danger of falling into the trap of sanctified self-aggrandizement.  “Let God be praised!… And if some of it comes my way, that’s alright too.”

God, help us to care about you more than about ourselves.   Help us to declare with John, “He must increase, but I must decrease”.  Please deny us anything – fame, wealth, importance, influence – anything at all that would draw us away from you and the all-consuming purpose of bringing glory to your name. Yet Father, in your wise providence, give us such of these things that we are able to use judiciously toward that end.  Yes, Father, give us opportunities to speak, whether to one person or to multitudes – but even more than that give us hearts that ache to tell others of your saving love.  Give us a burning desire that your name be exalted in the world, so that when opportunities arise we don’t squander them on ourselves.  And give us the wisdom to see how the small things you’ve told us to do every day are as important as the big things.  Above all, help us to pray with Jesus, “Your will, not mine, be done”.


2 Comments on “Some Perspective on “Doing Big Things” For God”

  1. Max says:

    Beautiful post, brother.

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