Harold Camping’s May 21st Debacle – The Sad Reality

I don’t know what to do… I was so sure; I was so ready.  The past weeks and months have been a such a mixed bag of emotions – sadness at the thought of leaving so many of my loved ones; weariness with the constant ridicule of skeptics and unbelievers; but most of all, joy.  Joy and anticipation at seeing my Lord! What a day it should have been – to hear the trumpet call, to see the thousands and thousands of angels… to see His blessed face.  Yes, that was the greatest feeling of all – joy and ecstasy as I anticipated His arrival.

Now, I feel nothing.

Or rather, an emptiness and disappointment so numbing that it is almost as if I have lost the ability to feel.

I don’t know if I can stand to face the harsh criticisms of friends and family – even if they don’t say anything, their eyes will be filled with contempt, scorn, and the arrogant look of “I told you so”… I don’t know if I can ever hold my head up again.  I believed and taught and campaigned and preached that the day was at hand.  Now, I’m embarrassed, ashamed, and shaken to my core. I don’t know if I can ever believe in anything again… ever.

False teachings, while by their very nature are inconsistent with truth, nevertheless have real and true consequences.  Many people woke up this morning to another glorious Sunday, in which to gather for worship of the Almighty God, proclaiming their love for him and their faith in the death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and yes the return, of His Son, Jesus Christ.

For others though, today was a day of dread, and expectations denied.  The first of many days in which the uncompromising light of truth is shone onto the dimness of false teaching, and the dark despair of hopes gone awry.  The above ramblings are my feeble attempt at understanding even a small part of the anguish that sincere but misguided souls who have bought into Harold Camping’s predictions must be feeling today.

As I said, false teaching has real consequences.  Real people with real souls, whose real faith has really been crushed, and whose real emotions have been shattered.  As we rightly celebrate God’s vindication, and the continuing victory of truth over falsehood, let’s not neglect to offer up a prayer for some genuine seeker of truth.  Some soul that desperately wanted to believe, and even now may be clinging to the tattered remnants of a stripped and threadbare faith.

Harold Camping was wrong, and so were those that followed him – but this episode cannot be about the rest of us gloating that we were right.  Some of those that believed have now had their lives ruined, and that is a sad reality.  Pray that God will turn even this to His purpose.


2 Comments on “Harold Camping’s May 21st Debacle – The Sad Reality”

  1. Donnie, thank you for posting this. This is so true and so sad when people follow worldly people thinking they are doing right, but in reality their faith is almost crushed.
    I believe Paul and Peter both spoke to this at some length in the scriptures. Paul spoke of the 2nd coming in the Thessalonian letters explaining the it in depth because someones had messed up their thinking. And in 2 Peter Peter explained how false teachers would endure harsh judgement because of their deceit.
    Thank you Brother Donnie! Keep on preaching the word and making disciples Brother Donnie! God bless. Grace and Peace.

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