You May Not Even Know It

Given my recent ramblings on spiritual decision making, I found this post by Stephen Witmer over at the Gospel Coalition an interesting read. I couldn’t help but think of myself and my fellow graduates in reading the first paragraph:

Graduation time is getting close again. I’ve been around enough colleges and seminaries and graduate schools to know that this is a time of great excitement for some students and great fear for others. In his wise providence, God has already revealed to some soon-to-be-graduates what their next step is going to be. And in his wise providence, others have absolutely no idea. Some don’t mind having no idea. But a lot do. A lot are worried about it. They’re casting themselves upon the Lord as they plead for direction and provision. This is a word for them.

I hasten to add that it might help you too – even if you aren’t facing graduation. Read the entire post here.


2 Comments on “You May Not Even Know It”

  1. nlpearman says:

    The linked post really is an excellent post. Thanks for that.

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