DB Update – May 10, 2011

Home stretch…

Lord willing Bridget and I will be graduating from SIBI in less than 2 weeks!  What a journey it’s been…

The view from here...

The past 2 months have been even more hectic than the rest of our time here.  I’ve been traveling almost continually, visiting several churches to interview for potential ministry positions.  I’ve been blessed to meet so many wonderful people, and humbled by some of the incredible work I’ve seen God doing among his saints and his churches.  But… it has been exhausting!  Full load of classes all day, assignments all night, traveling and preaching all weekend… then start it all over again on Monday.  Fortunately things have calmed down for now, and I am enjoying the slightly relaxed pace.

However, the next couple of weeks won’t exactly be a leisurely stroll to the finish line.  There are still a couple of assignments to finish up, and most pressingly, one more sermon to preach.  I’ve been chosen by my classmates to represent them by preaching for the Sunset congregation on May 15.  I’m very excited, and humbled by the opportunity.  Once I clear that hurdle, I’m looking forward to seeing the family members that are coming for our graduation, participating in the end of program activities, and walking across the stage.

Once we are through with school activities, we will be staying in Lubbock for a little bit to tidy up our affairs, then we’ll be off to the next phase of the journey.  After a lot of prayer and consideration, we’ve decided to accept a position with the Montwood church of Christ in El Paso, TX.  We’re really excited about it!

I can’t believe how much of a home Lubbock has become to us in less than 2 years.  It will be hard to leave here; but we always knew that this was a temporary stop on a much longer journey of faith.  The friends we’ve made here will be friends for life, and I look forward to seeing how God will glorify himself in our classmates.  The instructors here have become fathers and mothers to us; it’s hard to imagine not seeing them in just a short while.

Still, the next phase is looking pretty good.  The Montwood church has a lot of great things going on… I’m sure I’ll be blogging a lot more about that in the future.

In the meantime, Bridget and I still have some administrative hurdles to clear, both in school and before we can assume our new positions.  We have greatly appreciated all the prayers on our behalf up to this point, and we continue to solicit them now.




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