Jesus Came to Clean Our Sneakers

Kids ask great questions.  I’m starting to think that part of the function of children is to ask questions that remind you that you don’t have all the answers.  And even if you think you do, do you really have it if you can’t explain it to a child?

 This is a summary of a conversation that took place between me and two kids (7 and 11) on a drive home one evening. They’d both been peppering me with questions of all sorts for the past 10-15 minutes when the 7-year old drops this on me:

“Why does God not like sin?”

A good time to put James 1:5 into practice.  So, I thought about that for a minute, and heard myself say something like:

“Well… I guess it’s kind of like when your mom cleans the floor.  Imagine if Mommy sweeps and mops and scrubs the floor so that it is spotless and shiny. Suppose she does that, and you come in from playing outside in the rain and mud with dirty sneakers. What would happen?”

“She would want me to take off my shoes.”

“Do you think that she doesn’t love you because she asks you to take off your shoes?”

“No, she still loves me.  She just doesn’t want to get her floor dirty.”

“Exactly.  That’s sort of like why God sent Jesus. God has a clean floor and…”

At this point, the 11-year old who has been listening to all this in silence, decides to jump in:

“Jesus came to clean our sneakers!!!”

I’m like… wow. So, smiling to myself and thanking God for moments like these, I say to the 7-year old:

“Does that make sense?”

“Yes.  Yeah that makes sense.”

Of course, as I sit and think about it now, maybe I should have said “Well actually, Jesus came to give us new sneakers”, or something similarly deep and theologically meaningful.   But you know what? The kids got it.  And I’ll take that.

I’m so glad that Jesus came to clean my sneakers.


Rounding Third

Some simple math.  We’ve completed (pretty much) 6 out of 8 terms here at SIBI – we’re 3/4 of the way to graduation!!!  Just a few more exams to complete by Friday, then home to Bermuda for 2 and a half weeks.  Then back to Lubbock to finish the home stretch – graduation in May.

Time flies when you’re serving God.