Igor: Knocking on the Door

Bermuda is about to have a very unwelcome visitor. After managing to avoid entertaining three other storms this season, Hurricane Igor is currently knocking on Bermuda’s door in an insistent way.

Igor on Thurs Sep 16 (courtesy of NASA via wunderground.com)

Igor is unwelcome, but certainly not unexpected. Preparations are being laid on for Bermuda’s guest. The EMO is meeting. There are plenty of folks ready to serve; before, during, and after.  There’s more than one visitor from out of town stopping by. And so on.

Bermuda has historically stood up to hurricanes fairly well.  The buildings there are some of the best constructed in the world when it comes to enduring high winds.  And, as all the preparations show, Bermuda has been down this road before.

But there are no guarantees.  72 hours from now, Bermudians may be smiling over another mild brush – or not.  I’m praying, and I hope that you will too, for the lives and property of the people of Bermuda as Igor approaches.

Updates should be at the Bermuda Sun, the Royal Gazette, and Bernews.com, depending on availability.


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