Repost: What Will It Take?

Given the sad and tragic events of the past week, it seems appropriate to resubmit this blog’s most popular post for consideration.  Updated and contextualized, the question must still be asked: What will it take?

– – – – –

Yet another family is shattered [this week] by the loss of one of our young men to the senselessness of gunplay [not to mention the numerous others that are rocked by the shooting injuries of their loved ones].  Bermuda looks back on the increase of violence over the last decade, the last year, the last month, [the last week]… and she weeps.

Or does she?

Pulling our eyes from the harsh scene of escalation, we reluctantly survey the current landscape, and we marvel.  Our community, so quick to meet any challenge and so resilient in the face of adversity, is characterized by apparent indifference and impotent fear in the face of this most recent and pressing internal crisis.  Rather than allowing our courage to climb to new heights in order to combat the ever rising violence, we instead are plumbing depths of apathy.

As the song says…

Our eyes are dry

Our faith is old

Our hearts are hard

Our prayers are cold

We ask – What will it take?

What will it take for our young men to realize the foolishness of throwing away their own lives, and heartlessly destroying the lives of others, for nothing?

What will it take for our mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, cousins and friends, to refuse to shelter and blindly support those that are tearing apart our community and endangering even the innocent?

What will it take for all of us to work together to remedy the social and political ills that have driven our young men and their families to this point of desperation, however unjustified?


Sadly, we listen to the voice of experience and history as she whispers in our ear.  We tenaciously hold onto the hope that she is wrong, even as we begin to acknowledge to ourselves the grim reality of what she says to us.

We pray to God that we will be spared the desperate times that always seem to lead to desperate measures.  We pray that we will not see our young children, our dedicated mothers, our aged parents, mown down by gunfire before we are moved to action.  We pray that communities will not be forced to the brink of destruction before determining to stand up and speak out.

My condolences to the family and friends of [Troy “Yankee” Rawlins], and all those who have lost loved ones to this senselessness. [Prayers also for the swift recovery of the injured.]


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