Back to School

It’s hard to believe that we are here at the beginning of another school year.  Looking back on all that’s happened in the past few months, I’m brimming over with excitement for the upcoming challenge.

Opening chapel was awesome.  In particular, the flag ceremony really gets me.  Hearing the Great Commission in so many different languages, and seeing the flags of the various nations, is humbling, exciting, and challenging all at once.

This term we’re doing several classes – Minor Prophets, Epistles of James & Peter, Epistles of Colossians & Ephesians, Sacrificial System.  Also, Bridget is doing a Women’s Ministry track, and I’m doing a Congregational Ministry track.  I’m also doing an extra course to try and cut down on my load later.  We’ll see how that goes.

This year is probably going to go by in a whirlwind – the last one sure did.  One thing we definitely need prayers about is what we will be doing once we leave here in another year’s time. Of course, Bermuda is the ultimate destination – but the path to get back isn’t necessarily a straight one.  So, as always, prayers are appreciated.




2 Comments on “Back to School”

  1. Floyd Rawlins says:

    Hey Donnie praying for nothing but God’s will for you guys. still I am more than confident that you can accomplish all that you put your mind to. And I am sure that with Christ on your side and you on His you are more than a conqueror. All the best brother.

    That article on situation Modesty is interesting, and I think timely. I broached that subgect, because of personal observations, some time ago but it was not handled as I had envisioned, indeed the older sisters who I hoped would eventually be the ones to teach the younger were more interested in debating the subjectivity of modesty, the mind set of brethren who would even bring up the subject, and expressed a fear that the young would leave the church rather than comply to God’s way. Since then the subject has not been touched and I fear that the fashions, well they are even more fashionable and are displayed by even younger girls.

    • dkmartin says:

      Hey Floyd

      I don’t recall very many positive reactions to this topic, or even anything approaching it. Most of what I run into falls into what you’ve said (debate, deflect or downplay). Where I have made some headway, it’s always been by avoiding the issue of specific prohibitions (not hard to do, since there are so few, biblically speaking) and focusing on principles. Sadly, this seems to be one of those issues where Christians will insist on their “rights”, even to the potential detriment of another’s faithfulness. I would like to have an honest conversation about it with some woman who can do so without questioning my motives.

      Thanks for the kind words. Of course you are in our prayers, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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