If You Could Go Back And Relive One Day – Plinky Response

Q: If you could go back and relive one day of your life, which one would it be?  And why?

A:  Of course, so many days come to mind.  Jun 6, 1999 – Dec 19, 1999 – Feb 2, 2006… and so on.  Days that changed my life, days that opened up entire new worlds to me.  Days that, had I made a different decision, would have resulted in my life taking a completely different path.  When I think about where the decisions made and actions taken on these days have led me, there’s a sense in which I wouldn’t want to go back – I’d be afraid of taking the wrong path at some critical juncture and completely changing the way things are.

But if I had to pick a day, it would probably be a birthday.  One of the life lessons I’m so grateful to have learned is that even though you may not think you are anything special, the people that love you do think so.  And they want to celebrate you, and celebrate with you.  Those days – where your loved ones go out of their way for you, to make you actually feel as special as they think you are… those days are unforgettable.

I thank God for all my birthdays, and especially for the one I just had.  But all those birthdays are made meaningful by the people that I share them with.  The people I love, and who love me.

So yeah… for me, a birthday.  How about you?


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