Baboons, Bungee Jumping, and the Boiling Point: Fun Times at Victoria Falls

At Victoria Falls

We got to take a quick run down to Livingstone to see Victoria Falls a couple of days ago.  It’s over 6 hours from Lusaka, so we left at 4:30 in the morning so that we’d have time to actually enjoy ourselves when we got there.  We piled into a van with Michael, the mechanic here at Mapepe, and 5 of the 6 AIMers.

The journey getting there was a mini adventure in itself.  The roads smoothed out once we crossed over from Central province into Southern.  But the last 50 miles or so to Livingstone were terrible.  The roads are being worked on, so there were constant detours – even the detours had detours.  We spent about an hour puttering along on really uneven dirt roads.  So glad to make it to Livingstone where the roads smoothed out again.

Livingstone is definitely a tourist town; there are lodges everywhere from the moment you arrive.  We stayed at Chanter’s Lodge – a cozy room at a reasonable price.  Checked in, dropped off the bags, then off to the falls.

Ok… so a few things you should know about Victoria Falls.

First of all, time it well.  You’d never believe it, but the Falls actually dry up for part of the year during the dry season.  It’s the beginning of the dry season right now, so we were fine, but fair warning.

Second… plan to get wet. Completely, soaking wet.  Unless you’re just going to stand there and watch the water from one spot (FAIL), most of the paths around the Falls and the forest are in constant rainfall from the spray.  And not a light mist – more like a downpour.  There are places where you can rent ponchos to cover you.  I’d say save your money and dress to get soaked, because it will happen either way.  But it is the funnest thing ever.

What else?  Oh… sensible shoes. Flip-flops and sandals… not the best idea.  Especially if you go down to the Boiling Point, which I recommend if you can handle a mild hike.  The Boiling Point is a spot you can trek down to and be in the bottom of the canyon where the water that has come over the Falls flows by.  Awesome.

Baboons everywhere.  But they won’t bother you.

Bring your passport.  There’s a bridge over the river that connects Zambia to Zimbabwe, and you can bungee jump, swing or zip-line from it.  $180 for the whole deal – not bad.

We were only here for a one-day trip, but you can do safaris, half- or all-day elephant rides, helicopter tours… the list goes on.  But for me nothing that’s there could beat the experience of the Falls itself.

God’s power is awesome.  I’m glad to have yet another reminder.

The voice of the Lord is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, the Lord, over many waters. — Psalm 29:3


One Comment on “Baboons, Bungee Jumping, and the Boiling Point: Fun Times at Victoria Falls”

  1. Saul says:

    Thanks for the great write up about Livingstone and the Zambian side of the falls. Always great to hear about visitors having a good time.

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