Update From Sunset – May 8, 2010

Hello everybody,

It has been a while since I’ve updated the blog, so I thought it would be a good idea to let everybody know how things are with Bridget and me.

School continues to go well.  This fourth term is not nearly so busy as the third one was, but I think that we are probably a bit exhausted.  The cumulative effect of the entire year is starting to take its toll.  But we’re still going.  We still have a couple of major assignments due by the end of the term.  We have a 10 page paper on marriage, divorce, and remarriage, a church history timeline, and a missions paper to complete, all before finals.

With all that, we are also getting ready for our mission trip to Zambia.  We leave the day after our last final (something I suspect we may regret), so we have to do our preparations as we go along.  Otherwise there just won’t be any time to do it before we go.  Looking forward to that time, and we’ll do our best to keep you updated as we go along.  Right now we have all our travel arrangements made, including our visas.  That in itself is a blessing, because we are hearing horror stories from folks who are having all kinds of issues getting visas for their mission fields.

I’m doing a bit more teaching as well.  I’ve had a few bible class opportunities around the Sunset church; they’ve been beneficial for me, and hopefully for others as well.

We’re still finding time for fun. It was Bridget’s birthday 3 weeks ago and we had a great day – breakfast at ihop, shopping, and of course, gifts.  We have lots of impromptu date nights, and even a few planned ones.  It’s good to have each other to lean on so that our brains don’t explode with all this studying we have to do.

The second half of summer is what we’re really looking forward to.  After we get back from Zambia, Ezra, Nyla, and Noah will all be here visiting for a month.  We’re planning out some (hopefully) fun activities for them, and just generally excited about seeing them all.  I’m also looking forward to reading a book that isn’t required for school (ignore the reading list to the right).

I’m glad to be here in school, but I definitely miss Bermuda right now.  We probably won’t make it home before Christmas this year (if then), and with May 24 around the corner I am thinking about summer activities on the island that we’ll miss.  And of course our family and friends.  Drop us a line or an email sometime.




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