Who Was The Best Before I Got Here?

Can you picture Him coming onto the scene? Everywhere He looked, people were being beat up, tortured and tormented, by all the things that the bully was doing. All you had to do was look around at the disease, the demonizing, the disfigurement, the despair… There was absolutely no question who was in charge.

Until He showed up.

“…if I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the kingdom of God has come to you” – Luke 11:20 (NIV)

Jesus came into Satan’s territory and picked a fight. He came to where the devil had power, where demons took possession, and disease was prominent. He looked around at all the enemies of mankind and said “Which one of you is the toughest?” He proved that he was greater than Satan by casting out demons. He proved he was stronger than sickness by healing all who came to him. He proved he was more powerful than sin by conquering death itself, the punishment for sin and the final enemy.

It doesn’t matter what was holding mankind back – Jesus beat up on all those things, and made a show of it.

There’s no comparison. He’s the Best.


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