Emergency Room Evangelism

Today I heard what I think is a good illustration of the need for apologetics in Christianity.

A hospital emergency room is a place of great haste and activity. Many lives are being saved there, but the people working in that emergency room would not have the resources to do their job if it were not for countless man-hours of study and research that form the ground of their work.

Similarly, in areas where the gospel is being preached, but not in its fullness, the overall effectiveness is greatly hampered. To paraphrase the speaker, in a world of blogs, texts, Facebook, youtube, etc., the greater issue for an individual may not be whether he or she has heard about Jesus, but rather why they should put their faith and trust in Jesus rather than any number of competitors. When people “evangelize” without sharing bedrock truths of the actual, verifiable, historical Jesus – his birth, ministry, death, burial, and resurrection – it’s like operating an emergency room with no medical research behind it.

The implication is, folks may get temporarily patched up, but they will not be equipped to live healthy lives.

Listen to the program; I found it pretty insightful.


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