Intentionality – the Spiritual Disciplines Post Part 2 – Commission

In Part 1, I talked about the first of the 3 Cs of spiritual development, Communion, which has to do with a person’s relationship with God. This embraces prayer, bible reading and study, meditation, fasting and singing. In this post I’m going to move on to talk about my progress in the second C, which has to do with a person’s contribution to the expansion and support of God’s kingdom…


Commission theoretically embraces all the spiritual gifts, but I’m going to focus on the one(s) that I seem to have been assigned.

What I planned about teaching

I may consider hosting a regular study session once a week in my home.  As time goes on, I will look for more teaching assignments in the Sunset congregation and beyond…

How I’m doing – I don’t think I’m doing badly here.  As I was preparing the plan that I’m referring to in this series, I gave recognition to the fact that right now I am in a position to learn, not teach.  The reality is that I’m in school right now, and everything else besides my relationship with God and my family needs to be subordinated to that.  However, I also can’t use school as an excuse to say that I’m not going to do anything extra-curricular.

So, do I teach – yes, whenever I can.  In addition to required preaching in school, I’m also doing home bible studies and sharing with my fellow classmates.  I haven’t gotten around to having that regular study session, but I believe it’s pretty well known among the class that I’m always available for help (at least if the amount of questions I get is any measure).

If you know me at all, you know I love to teach.  Especially bible, I could do it all day.  But there are other areas that are not as obvious that I am trying to work on.

What I said about administration/leadership

It’s often said that leaders need to have vision. That may be why I sometimes resist the idea of myself as a leader, because I am not a visionary.  What I can do, is figure out how to get from the current position to the vision – my gifts are administrative.

What I said about pastoring/shepherding

This is a difficult one for me…

How I’m doing – ok, you’re probably wondering where those last two fit in… it’s been strongly suggested, and I agree, that while teaching is clearly dominant for me, I also have strong inclinations toward administration/leadership and pastoring/shepherding.  I haven’t set goals for either of these, as part of my curriculum… but they are on my radar, and are being developed in time.  My library certainly reflects this.  But the focus is on teaching.

That brings up an interesting question.  Some think that you should figure out your dominant area of giftedness and focus only on that; others think it would be better to develop weaker areas to make yourself more well-rounded.  I can see benefits to both.

In any case, this is a timely reminder.  Teaching is going well, so I think I need to get a bit more intentional about at least one of my other areas of giftedness.  As always, the goal is to be as prepared as possible for the Master’s use.

What are your areas of gitedness?  (There’s a pretty good online survey here if you don’t already know.) How are you using those gifts to build up the kingdom? Do you think it makes more sense to focus on a single gift, or to try to make weaker gifts even stronger?


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