Addicted to Me…dia

There’s a very interesting (in a potentially glazed-eyes sort of way) post here from George Barna about media addiction. Some things that stood out to me:

[Kids under 18] now devote more time to media than to anything other than sleep.

Media use has run the gamut, going from an oddity to a common practice to a habit to an obsession to an addiction…

Though not mentioned specifically, I’m pretty sure that social media in particular is a driving force behind the trends. Yes, there are the valid observations that it helps connect with old friends, and is a useful tool for spreading information (like the gospel) to people you might not otherwise have access to. But I suspect part of it goes back to our need to feel significant. For some people there’s something attractive – and addictive – about the number of friends and followers you have. In any case, those are some pretty troubling statistics Barna brings out – enough to make me think seriously about my use of media and my family’s.

Full Disclosure: I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites that I can’t even remember. They’re fun, but I use them sparingly, and I haven’t personally seen any real benefit from any of them.

How does media, particularly social media, impact your life? What are some possible examples of “addiction” you see in yourself and others?


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