Dark and Stormy – Lubbock Style

Today ended up being a snow day here in Lubbock. The power went out over a significant part of the city, including at school. Right now, I’m enjoying the benefit of an unexpected day off. However, as much as I’m enjoying being at home, there were a few things that I enjoyed even more today.

Bermuda does get cold, but freezing rain and snow are nonexistent there. So I still get enjoyment from the fluffy blanket of a fresh snowfall. Even with it being as heavy as it was (technically it’s a storm), I was thrilled by the Creator, and the way He decorated this little corner of His awesome creation.

Then there was the singing. As I mentioned, the power went out in the building, and there was a bit of scurry while people tried to figure out whether we could get the backups on and keep school in for the day, or we’d have to all go home. In the meantime, the basement classrooms were completely darkened with no windows. One of the most moving and meaningful worship settings I’ve ever experienced is when 60 or so AIMers spontaneously sang praises to the God, the Father of Lights, in the middle of a pitch black room.

God is still there in the storm. And in the dark.


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