Haiti Relief Efforts – Two the Hard Way

By now, most people will have been inundated with opportunities to assist in rebuilding the shattered lives of the people of Haiti. Still, I want to mention two in particular that may be of interest.

There is a group of volunteers from Bermuda that will be heading to Haiti in the coming week. This is part of a cooperative effort between Cornerstone Foundation, a registered Bermuda charity, and Angel Wings International, according to the press release from Cornerstone. The group will consist of medical personnel and others who are able to lend their various skills to the relief effort. All the volunteers will pay their own airfare and provide their own food and lodging (read: sleeping in tents and ponchos and eating ration packs) in order to keep costs down and direct the maximum amount of finances to the actual relief effort. A close friend of mine will be on this trip, so it is very close to my heart. See the press release here.

The second opportunity is being organized by Sunset International Bible Institute. Sunset-trained preachers and missionaries have planted churches and established preaching schools throughout the globe, including in Haiti. Unfortunately, the school in Haiti has suffered severe damage. SIBI is coordinating an effort to respond to the human tragedy of the earthquake, through the amelioration of both physical and spiritual conditions. The goals of Sunset’s Hatian relief fund are as follows:

First- to help our suffering brethren in Haiti with the basic necessities of life
Second – to minister to as many emergency needs in the community at large as possible, working through the churches or Christian organizations.
Third – to use one-third of the funds given for the spiritual and emotional follow-up in the lives of a desperate and broken populous.

See the Sunset relief fund page here.

Please consider getting involved financially in one of these worthy efforts, and in any case, keep the people of Haiti in your prayers.


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