Update from Sunset – January 22, 2010


It’s hard to believe that 2 terms have passed already. We’ve now been in Lubbock for over half a year, and it feels more and more like home every day.

We’re into our 3rd term of study at SIBI, and we are being stretched in many ways – especially spiritually and academically. This semester we’re studying the book of Acts, the gospel of Matthew, God’s Scheme of Redemption, Effective Bible Study, Topical Preaching and Evangelistic Methods. Bridget is doing Effective Parenting instead of Effective Bible Study, and Public Speaking instead of Topical Preaching. As always, we’re blessed by our instructors and the commitment that they’ve made to training us and others who will go on to minister the word to the world.

We got to go home for the holidays (thanks Nikki and Darrel!!!)- we were in Bermuda for 2 weeks visiting family and friends. That was a very refreshing time, and of course we’re now well back into the swing of things here in Lubbock.

We were also blessed with an offer of additional support. We are grateful to all our supporters, both on a one-time and an ongoing basis. Your partnership with us is a testimony to your commitment to train men and women to preach and teach the gospel. You are all in our prayers.

So much to say, so little time… thanks again for all the support. We love you! d&b


One Comment on “Update from Sunset – January 22, 2010”

  1. […] This term has been challenging in a different way than the past terms. The 1st term, of course, was when everything was new and there were a lot of adjustment issues. The 2nd term had the challenge of learning Greek – any language is a challenge for me. This term has it’s own things going on – they’ve introduced much more memory work, there’s a lot more pressure to manage time wisely since there are fewer assignments. […]

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