Lubbock Journey – Day 1 – Getting Started

July 2, 2009

Another long day.

We woke up at Hawthorne Suites and spent a semi-leisurely morning lazing around and getting ready to check out. Once we left there, we headed back home. (That’s going to take some getting used to, referring to the Wyndham as “home”).

We left the Wyndham – see there I go again – we left home at around noon. We grabbed some info from the Social Security Office, as well as the Department of Public Safety. We still need to get a letter from SIBI before we can get our driver’s licenses. Apparently the one we have doesn’t specifically state that we are enrolled as students, which the DPS needs. We’ll check on that tomorrow.

We were pretty much at a dead end on all that, so we decided to get on with some furniture shopping. We went to Furniture Row, which is 4 stores joined up in one huge building. We were there for hours, but we managed to get our bedroom, livong room and dining area all sorted

Then on to Walmart for the “bare necessities”. Yeah right. Ended up taking 2 trips. b was in her glory.

Nikki called this evening, with Noah. The poor boy was crying because he missed his Aunty. I thought b might break down, but she handled him pretty well. She drove a bit today too – so sharp, she is.

Anyway, sleep time.


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