Lubbock Journey – Day 5 – All coming together

July 6, 2009

Today is Monday, and we’ve been doing pretty good here. The past few days have been an exercise n rampant consumerism – between getting our furniture, stocking the kitchen, trying to sort out utilities, etc., we’ve been going quite a bit. I think we’ve been pretty productive – I’m just glad we had the foresight to come up early, as this would have been a nightmare to get sorted out while school was in.

We still have a few things to do. We were able to get a letter stating that we are actually enrolled as students, not just accepted, so the driver’s license shouldn’t be a problem now. We also have been to the Social Security office and unfortunately been rejected. I think it may be one of those cases where the people sitting at the front desk don’t necessarily know all the rules, especially when exceptional circumstances arrive. Fortunately we met a gentleman at the school today who just happens to be having dinner with a highly placed member of the Social Security administration (God is just so awesome!!!). He is going to take up the case for us. We’ve already been told that we can be issued an SSN, it just needs to state that it is not for work purposes. We are praying about it, along with others.

Generally speaking though, this transition has been very smooth. God has been so good, and continues to provide and protect. We worshipped yesterday at the Manhattan Heights church, which was waaay out from where we were. I enjoyed it, but I’d like to go back next week when the regular minister is there (apparently a lot of people were traveling for the July 4th weekend). While we were up there (in the hood), we drove around to see if there are any likely barber candidates. Found one or two, but I will need to recce them. b is still insistent on cutting my hair. I told her I’d think about it – maybe I’ll let her have a go if I know there’s a decent barber I can go to fix up any slips.

Looking forward to meeting with some of the SIBI staff in the next couple of days, and hopefully closing the book on the SSN. Stay tuned…


Lubbock Journey – Day 1 – Getting Started

July 2, 2009

Another long day.

We woke up at Hawthorne Suites and spent a semi-leisurely morning lazing around and getting ready to check out. Once we left there, we headed back home. (That’s going to take some getting used to, referring to the Wyndham as “home”).

We left the Wyndham – see there I go again – we left home at around noon. We grabbed some info from the Social Security Office, as well as the Department of Public Safety. We still need to get a letter from SIBI before we can get our driver’s licenses. Apparently the one we have doesn’t specifically state that we are enrolled as students, which the DPS needs. We’ll check on that tomorrow.

We were pretty much at a dead end on all that, so we decided to get on with some furniture shopping. We went to Furniture Row, which is 4 stores joined up in one huge building. We were there for hours, but we managed to get our bedroom, livong room and dining area all sorted

Then on to Walmart for the “bare necessities”. Yeah right. Ended up taking 2 trips. b was in her glory.

Nikki called this evening, with Noah. The poor boy was crying because he missed his Aunty. I thought b might break down, but she handled him pretty well. She drove a bit today too – so sharp, she is.

Anyway, sleep time.

Lubbock Journey – Day 0 – The Move

July 1, 2009

Well, here we are.

We left Bermuda today with just a bit of fuss. Points to note: if you’re going to lose your bank card, the day you leave your entire life and social network behind and travel to a different country for school is a great time to do it. But we managed to work it out without toooo much drama.

The goodbyes weren’t nearly as bad as I thought they would be, but it was still hard. It’s a bit inane to say we’re going to miss our family, but it’s so succinctly true. I remember looking at Noah and just wanting to cry – I felt the lump coming. Between b, Nik and Nyla, it was looking like a bit of a train wreck, but they got through it. I imagine the first few weeks will be tough on everybody though.

Slight run-in at US Customs. Today was more than 30 days outside of the start date for school, so the officer had to get a little guidance from her supervisor in the office. She left us standing there thinking we might not be allowed into the US today.

Talk about fervent prayer!!! The gates of heaven were assaulted with petitions during that 5 minutes.

And of course, God worked it out. The customs officer turned out to be a guardian angel – gave us lots of helpful advice for navigating customs and border issues in the future. And yes, we were allowed in.

No dramas with the flights, luggage or car rental. Praise Him.

Kami quickly ran us through the lease at Wyndham, and handed us the key. Dropped off the bags, and ran out to Hawthorne Suites. Hoping to get a great night’s sleep in the king size, and kick in for day 1.

So tired. Sleep now.

Lubbock Journey – T minus 1 day – June 30, 2009

Seems like the word’s gotten out, even though I never made a Big Announcement. Of course it was never really a secret.

Bridget and I are leaving Bermuda tomorrow. Heading off to Lubbock, Texas to do a 2-year course at Sunset International Bible Institute.

It’s kinda unreal – I haven’t done anything like this since going to Western (go Mustangs!). It still hasn’t completely hit me, although as I look around at my apartment, empty of furniture and personal effects after more than 3 years, it’s starting to sink in.

You know what it’s like when you see something on the horizon and think you have soooo much time to get yourself sorted out before it arrives, but then it creeps up on you out of nowhere and you are completely overwhelmed? I feel nothing like that. I just wanna stop going and *go* already.

Of course, it’ll probably be different when we get to the airport tomorrow…